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How To Save Money By Going Green!

1.   Adjust your water heater.  If you lower the thermostat on your hot water heater from 150 degrees to 120 degrees you will save more than $20 a year.

2.   Buy programmable thermostat for your home. They cost $40 to $100 but that's money you will save back. 

3.   Driving 55 mph instead of 65 mph can improve your mileage by 15%!

4.   Map our your errands.  Do multiple errands on the same day and map out a travel pattern where you do not back track.

5.   Consider a front loading washing machine.  They use far less water and 60% less energy.

7.   Save gas and get more exercise.   Use a push mower.

8.   Call your electricity company to request a free energy audit.  They may be able to help you save money with energy saving suggestions.

9.   Consider a vegetable garden.  You can save money and you can grow organic veggies.

10.  Consider a toy exchange.  Have all of your friends in for a pizza party and toy exchange.  You'll save money and recycle toys that you kids have quickly outgrown or are tired of.

11.  Don't buy books to read.  Go to your local library and check out the books you would like to read.  Save a tree.

12.  Organize a magazine coop.  Get each of your friends to subscribe to a different magazine.  Then do an exchange and share the magazine with each person in the coop.

13.  Use Cloth napkins.  You'll find that cloth napkins can be used several times over before they need to sent to the laundry and you will save over a $1.00 per week by not using paper napkins.

14.  Buy in bulk or concentrate when possible.  There will be less packaging and containers.

15.  Use fluorescent light bulbs. 

16.  Unplug appliances when your are not using them. 

17l   Wash clothes in cold water when possible.

18.   Take short showers and don't take a bath and fill the tub!

19.   Plant drought tolerant native plants in your garden.

20.   Walk or bike to the store or work.

21.   Talk to your boss about telecommuting.

22.   Don't buy bottled water.  Buy a in house filter.

23.   Check out garage sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops. 

24.   Give up disposable razors.  Use the old fashioned to save money and the landfill

25.   Give up paper towels. 

26.   Carpool!

27.   Fix leaking faucets.

28.   Ceiling fans can save you money on air conditioning.

29.   Recycle your old cell phones.  Donate your phone to the Collective Good

30.   Recharge your batteries.  Learn how some batteries are harmful to the environment.

One household at a time we can make a difference.

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